Young people

Scuba diving for children, a unique experience for young people in Buxton.

Learning to dive for the very first time, age 10

At Buxton Black Sheep Dive Club, we offer an adventurous programme of snorkelling designed to be both fun and challenging.

We develop individual water skills in the pool and encourage children to work in teams, read the water and make planning decisions that ensure safety applicable for transfer to open water.

The club is planning a number of open water sessions for snorkellers that are designed to develop skills learned in the pool and to enable clear understanding of their purpose in the context of scuba diving.

As a club we offer progression to scuba diving for children with a number of taster sessions that teach real skills and that prepare them for Ocean Diver training at age 12.

Our membership fees are kept very low to enable young people to get involved and we have all the equipment you’ll need to take part.

Call us on 07595 048 219 or email us or more information.