Top UK snorkel sites

From sunken wrecks to swimming with seals, discover some of the best UK snorkelling locations.

Snorkelling Lundy Island with Buxton Black Sheep Dive Club
Lundy Island, Devon.
The UK’s first designated Marine Conservation Zone and home to groups of playful grey seals. You may be lucky enough to spot a common dolphin during your dive.
Photo Jane Morgan, BSAC
Stackpole Quay, Pembrokeshire.
Witness thousands of spider crabs scuttling across the sea floor.
Photo Alex Mustard, BSAC
Studland Bay, Dorset. 
For something a little more serene, why not snorkel to find seahorses among seaweed on a warm summer’s day.
Photo Alex Mustard, BSAC
Farne Islands, Northumberland.
A popular scuba and snorkel spot off the coast of Northumberland, the Farne Islands are renowned for shipwrecks, seabirds and seals. Why not take a dip with these curious underwater acrobats.
Photo Alex Mustard, BSAC

These were just a few locations suggested by BSAC.
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