Scuba Diving

We offer scuba diving courses
from beginner to advanced.

Diving with twin and stage sets on the Lucy.

At Buxton Black Sheep Dive Club we offer BSAC programme of scuba diver training from beginner to advanced. The following courses are available.

Ocean Diver 
Ocean Diver is the first rung on BSAC’s scuba diver training ladder and will equip you with the core skills to dive to a maximum of 20 metres in open water, both in the UK and abroad.
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Sports Diver
This programme is designed to broaden your experience in a variety of challenging open-water conditions and learn essential techniques to prepare you for diving to a maximum of 35 metres.
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Dive Leader
Extend your personal diving skills, plan and lead dives for others, manage groups and develop your rescue-management skills. Prepares you to dive to depths of up to 50 metres in a range of challenging conditions.
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Advanced Diver
Advanced Divers are role models in BSAC clubs, able to lead groups in new situations, which can be remote and require detailed planning backed up by a huge amount of experience.
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Discover a unique experience for young people in Buxton.

One of our 13 year old members learning buoyancy control in the pool.

At Buxton Black Sheep Dive Club, we offer an adventurous programme of snorkelling and progression to scuba diving for children.
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Progress your diving with our skills development courses.
We offer a range of skills development courses. Drop in and see us at a club meeting ask our diving officer for details.

Cross-over qualifications from PADI and other agencies.
We welcome experienced divers who have trained with other agencies. All your skills will be recognised by the club and you’re more than welcome to dive with us or cross qualify to progress further.

Contact us.
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or call 07595 048 219 for more information about any of the diver training programmes, suitability for you or cross-over options if you’ve already part trained with other agencies.